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From a small diving center located in Playa del Carmen, we now manage several Phocéa dive bases, spread from East to West, on Mexican territory, 3,500km away. Phocéa is dozens of employees, cars, boats, a hotel … and many partners such as PADI, Aqua Lung, UCPA, Sea Shepherd, and many others … But Phocéa is above all, hundreds of divers coming and returning.

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When we started this adventure, just like you, we were faced with a drastic lack of support, concrete and detailed information in order to maximize our chances of success. We decided to change the order established by creating Phocéa – All Around The World.

These years have allowed us to forge a solid business experience coupled with an excellent reputation. We have multiplied our initial turnover by 13. 52% of our customers return at least a second time to Phocéa and 34%, 3 times or more. At this point, it is not just a coincidence.

The assistance of Phocéa constitutes one of the three conditions necessary for a serious collaboration dedicated to success, with the reputation of the brand and the transmission of its know-how. Compared to the business that starts off the network, the franchisee, therefore, takes a limited commercial risk when he is under contract with a franchisor; the aforementioned elements prevent him from falling into beginner’s mistakes and save him time … and therefore money!

The franchise remains an independent entrepreneur. However, he is not alone. Phocéa passes on the keys to success, gives it a framework, and supports it, it is a real human and entrepreneurial adventure. Franchising is in this sense a springboard for successful professional retraining.



At Phocéa, loyalty is part of our DNA.
When you have the chance to meet the best, why change?

all around the world

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